What is ?

For the uninsured in East Africa,
provides access to healthcare financing,
that is more convenient and affordable than the traditional Insurance,
through a digital micro-savings and loans platform for setting aside dedicated healthcare funds used to offset medical bills and purchase drugs in time of need at any clinic, hospital or pharmacy registered by .


features empowers its' registered Users, Businesses and Healthcare Facilities to control and
Manage their healthcare finances with easy access while minimising loses and out of pocket expenditure as the terms and conditions apply.

User Saving Account

Save for your self today. All you need, is to own an AIRTEL or MTN Mobile Money registered Phone number. It also allows you to use both Phone numbers at the same time, incase you have two lines. Incase you don't get ill, your account earns bonuses that accumulate your hospital funds for following year.

Business Saving Account

This allows Businesses to set a side funds with for their employees. Incase your employees don't get ill, the balance is pushed to the next financial year and the business only tops up on the used up funds. Businesses regulate and approve all expenditures of it's employees remotely. Businesses do bank transfers to set side funds on their account

Health Facility Collection Account

Join us today and get paid instantly by your patients, who have overtime accumulated their health care funds with Platforms. You can withdraw your collected funds in a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly manner so that you can be able re-invest back into your health facility and provide your patients with better services.


"Everyone needs quality treatment wherever they may be and every Health Facility needs instant seemless payments"

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Our Platforms

We bring you a secure, faster, realiable service at your own convinience.
Join us using your social bundle to access Services.



We empower our users and healthcare facilities in all corners of the country with NO access to internet connectivity to use for saving and offsetting their medical bills.



You can access and use within your Whatsapp on all platforms including Android, Windows and IOS by adding the number above and typing "Pesa".

Messenger App


can be accessed and used inside your Facebook and Messenger Chat on all platforms including Web, Android, Windows and IOS by searching for "@clinicPesa" and typing "clinicPesa".

Facebook Web App


Facebook web App can be accessed and used by visiting our clinicPesa Facebook page and selecting the "clinicPesa" App on the left side menu of the page.

Telegram App


can be accessed and used inside your Telegram Chat on all platforms including Web, Android, Windows and IOS by searching for "@clinicPesaBot" and typing "clinicPesa".

Online Web System


You can access online by visiting www.clinicPesa.com

Our partners

We have put inplace strategic Partnerships right away from the Banks to Mobile Telecoms to Health Facilities and Ministries in the East African Community (EAC) as well as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
To save promote self health saving displine in Uganda

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Deutsche Zusammenarbeit

East African Community

One People, One Destiny

Ministry of Health

Republic of Uganda


Integration Made Real for Citizens



Microsoft Inc

About Us

Our Mission

To ensure that;

With innovation, quality and client affordability as our primary goals, we aim at enabling the East African Community develop a health saving discipline and culture in order to attain peace of mind.

We eliminate delays in payment processing for healthcare facilities so that they can operate smoothly and focus on delivering high quality service to the people of East Africa.

Our Vision

To distinguish clinicPesa as an admired multinational healthcare financial services leader, trusted partner and provider of innovative health solutions for protecting and improving our community’s health and livelihoods.

Our Core Values

  • Winning with Integrity
  • Communication
  • Partnership
  • Honesty, Respect and Dignity to Customers
  • Prosper in Discipline and Ethics
  • Creativity, Innovation and Teamwork

Our Process

process is very simple, transparent and easily available to anyone at any time.














A user will be able to save anytime, any day that the he/she wishes to do so.
Airtel Or Mtn Mobile money Simcards are supported or both at the same time.
No. I would call it 'health assurance’, whereby incase you don’t fall sick your savings are still available and waiting for you. What you save is what you use plus an annual bonus.
The end-user will only be able to pay for medical bills and buy drugs upto the amount saved on their clinicPesa account Secondly,The user will only be allowed to use these savings for treatment purposes at any registered healthcare facility within the Uganda and Kenya.
In the occasion that the user wants to get healthcare services, he/she will move to any healthcare facility and get treatment. The user will then pay for his/her hospital bills using his/her funds from clinicPesa account.
The Money is then remitted in real-time to the clinicPesa account of the facility where treatment has been sought. The patient or health facilty may initiate the transaction using either USSD, the clinincPesa smartphone application or web system. Money shall then be channeled to the Clinic/Hospital’s bank or mobile money accounts either on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis for withdrawal depending on their preferences.
Your money stays in your account until the day that you or your family member gets ill and you would wish to pay for his/her medical bills.
The companies may choose to do set aside funds for healthcare for its employees, this will save the company from losing money to insurance companies. The company can create a corporate account on and thereafter choose to manage how its employees benefit from the this saving or decide to deposit the savings to the different employees’ accounts. If the company chooses the latter, the funds will remain in the employee’s account even when he/she seizes to be an employee of that company unlike the former. There will be not risk taking at all.
clinicPesa is in partnership with the mobile money service providers and the Bank to get access to their mobile money APIs for it’s solution as well as easy transfer of money from clinicPesa bank account to it’s Clinic/Hospital client’s bank accounts. This will also make it easy and enable companies that will wish to instruct the bank to set aside funds for its employees with clinicPesa for medical purposes on any agreed period.

Our Skills

Customer Engagement and value propostion
Risk Mitigation and assessment

Pricing Table

We have very affordable prices for the different account right from, a customer account,
to business account to finally the health care facility account

  • UGX
    per month
    Customer Account
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
  • UGX
    per month
    Health Facility Account
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

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